Book the Perfect Stay for Your Bleisure Travel

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The tourism and hospitality sector has evolved incredibly in the last decade. With an ever-increasing number of tourists, every year, hotels have improved their hospitality services. Recently, visitors have been traveling for both business and leisure. Just like a vacation, these visitors call such trips a ‘workcation.’ To accommodate such travelers, hotels have started offering ‘bleisure’ services, which include amenities for both business and leisure.

Employees, managers, business executives, and entrepreneurs prefer to stay at a hotel during their workcation, which provides services related to both business and leisure. Also, the work culture of remote work and freelancing are significant factors for the increase in workcations. As a result, hotels have started investing their resources to provide a perfect bleisure experience for their visitors.

Santiniketan is a cultural town located 150 km from Kolkata in the Birbhum district. Visva Bharati University is located in this town. This town was founded by the family of Rabindranath Tagore. Home to libraries, museums, and other tourist destinations, Santiniketan attracts a lot of tourists every year. The Visva-bharati University is a hub for arts, language, music, and humanities. Businesspersons and entrepreneurs visit this town for bleisure too.

Some of the best hotels in Santiniketan provide suitable amenities for people willing to travel for bleisure. Also, these hotels have access to the best restaurants in Santiniketan that offer multiple cuisine options for visitors.

How to find an ideal Bleisure Hotel in Santiniketan?

A bleisure hotel offers services that accompany both business and leisure needs. Not every corporate hotel is a bleisure hotel. Finding a perfect bleisure hotel for your memorable stay in Santiniketan requires some research. Following are the amenities you should be looking at at a bleisure hotel to book your stay.

  • Co-Working Space with High-speed Internet – every person who visits a hotel for business purposes expects a co-working space for meetings. A large desk with a chair in the room is usually preferable. With good co-working space, they need high-speed internet for video conferences and downloading and uploading documents. A hotel that provides both these amenities is ideal for booking your workcation stay.
  • Conference rooms – Businesspersons often need a conference room to conduct a meeting or an event in a hotel. A conference room which is accompanied by desks and chairs along with arrangement for refreshments is better to opt for. Conference rooms should also have the facility of a projector and screen. Corporate meeting rooms at hotels in Santiniketan are available in most hotels.
  • Offers and Discounts – Hotels that provide a complete bleisure package at convenience for their visitors are ideal bleisure hotels. Offers like free breakfast or meal with the stay are always preferred by visitors. Additionally, hotels that offer discounts on booking of multiple-day stays and booking of board rooms in Santiniketan are preferred by bleisure travelers.
  • Access to local Spots and Entertainment – Local destinations like the main market, restaurants, and tourist attractions should be easily accessible from the hotel. People traveling for bleisure expect to visit such places for relaxation during their stay. Also, hotels that offer entertainment activities within their premises are usually add-ons for visitors. The visitors should get complete information about the places to visit nearby and scheduled activities or events in the hotel.
  • Personalized experience – Hotels that improve the personalized experience based on the information collected from the visitor are the best to choose for a stay. While booking the stay, visitors should be provided with preferences for the room, food, and other amenities. Also, hotels must provide recommendations for restaurants, places to visit nearby, and transport options.
  • Leisure services – Visitors who book hotels for bleisure expect a working environment and some leisure activities. Hotels that provide amenities like a spa, sauna, swimming pool, gym, and mini theatre are preferred for the bleisure stay by travelers. These leisure services offer them relaxation and personal time. Hotels should make arrangements to book these services in advance to avoid inconvenience.

Final Words

If you are traveling for business and leisure, you should look for such services offered by hotels before booking their accommodation. Contacting hotel management is evident while booking a memorable bleisure stay at hotels.

If you are searching for corporate meeting rooms in Santiniketan, just be patient and review your options. You will definitely find the best hotel that will suit your needs.