Plan Your Memorable Trip to Santiniketan this Poush Mela

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Santiniketan is a popular tourist destination near Bolpur, Birbhum. The town of Santiniketan was established by Devendranath Tagore. This destination is home to the popular Visva Bharati University which was established by Rabindranath Tagore. Tourists visit this place because of its unique vibe and cultural touch. This place is open to tourists all year round. Various festivals are also celebrated in Santiniketan every year. Rabindranath Tagore’s birth anniversary is celebrated with great enthusiasm in Santiniketan.

Poush Mela is a popular festival celebrated in Santiniketan every year. This festival is celebrated in December. The festival is held on the 7th day of the Bengali month of Poush and is conducted for 3 days. Along with twenty other followers, Devendranath Tagore accepted the Brahmo creed on 21st December 1843. Since then, residents in Santiniketan have celebrated the Poush Mela festival. It is a colorful festival that gives an essence of Bengali culture. Thousands of visitors from all over India attend this festival every year. The Poush Mela is held in Santiniketan, which is 150 km from Kolkata and 3 km from Bolpur Railway Station. Tourists visiting by Railway can easily access the Mela through local rides. Visitors from Kolkata can find a bus or train to Santiniketan.

How You Should Plan Your Journey

Accommodation to Choose

Accommodation is the first and foremost thing you should look for while planning any trip. Santiniketan boasts excellent accommodation options for its visitors. Despite being a town, there are numerous luxury hotels in Santiniketan. The hospitality services are quite impressive at the hotels here. Thousands of tourists visiting Santiniketan choose to stay at hotels. During the Poush Mela, visitors opt to stay for 3 to 4 days in Santiniketan to enjoy the Mela. The town center of Santiniketan offers the best accommodation. It includes hotels, homestays, resorts, themed resorts, and guest house options for visitors. Most of the stays are within the vicinity of Visva Bharati University and Fair location. And, indeed, it is the best place to stay in this beautiful town. While booking a stay, one should choose a stay that is near the town center or Mela. Also, visitors should check for the amenities provided by the accommodation. The hotel or resort should also provide food options along with transport for getting around the town.

Major Attractions in Poush Mela

A fair is held in Santiniketan, Bolpur, Birbhum District of West Bengal, during Poush Mela. More than one thousand stalls of food items, handicrafts, clothes, and more are installed in the Mela. The main attraction of this festival is live performances of Bengali folk music by local artists and different food stalls.

You have to plan for each day. Each festival day has different live performances, exhibitions, and scrumptious delicacies. The first day of Mela starts with the Inauguration ceremony. Vaitalik group sings folk music while taking a walk around the town. The prayer takes place at Chhatimtala, where everyone gathers. After the inauguration ceremony, local artists perform live shows at the fair.

The Baul music performance is eye-catching at the Mela. You cannot miss out on this folk-art form if you are visiting rural Bengal. Local artists with their musical instruments perform this music live at the fair. This folk music has its roots in ancient Bangla traditions. All the students of Visva Bharati University participate with enthusiasm in this festival. You can enjoy the concerts for the first two days and devour tasty Bengali cuisine. You can check out the stalls exhibiting local handicrafts and artifacts on the last day of the fair.

The stalls exhibit local handicrafts, textile items, decoration items, cane, wood and jute products, brass jewelry, terracotta, conch-shell, and many other items. Also, an exhibition of poetry, painting, and other art forms is held at the stalls. Additionally, popular Bengali cuisines such as Alur Dom, Shukto, Sandesh, and Aloo Potol Posto are served at the food stalls.

You cannot miss out on the lip-smacking authentic Bengali dishes. You can find the best restaurants in Santiniketan around the fair. The temporary food stalls in the fair can also be your option as they will serve you various authentic Bengali cuisines. You should also try out the variety of Bengali sweets.

Is there Anything Beyond?

Yes, definitely! If you are visiting Santiniketan, you cannot miss exploring the natural beauty of this neighborhood. For the days left in your trip, you can explore the Viswa Bharati University, and one fine morning, plan a cycling tour to the Amar Kutir. On the last day of your trip, you can visit the deer park of Santiniketan. This will mark a great ending to your well-round trip!

Poush Mela is an intriguing festival held in Santiniketan which attracts thousands of tourists from around India. With great accommodation options and accessible local transport facilities, visitors can enjoy the cultural Poush Mela in Santiniketan.

If you are a little skeptical about your stay, you can search for the best hotels in Santiniketan online, and you will get to choose from numerous options. Examine and choose your stay according to your needs.

Plan your next group or a solo trip to this amazing neighborhood and create lifelong memories for yourself and your loved ones!